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tv   News  ABC  May 7, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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nightmare on wall street. what made our wallets take a hit yesterday and could we do better today? buying a wedding gown this weekend could help someone save their life. you know what today is? we hit the bricks around the washington monument for a baltimore classic. >> 93 years. >> you going to be there?
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>> absolutely. lemon stick and all. >> you better bring one back. >> count on it. >> okay. good morning maryland i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle, happy friday. >> you mad at me? >> good morning to you, as we check out the clear sky this morning and the north, northeasterly breeze, ushering in cool air. we start off with clear skies, clouds leftover on the eastern shore, really diminishing right now. 60-degree mark in ocean city, compared to 64 in easton. i expect 57 to drop a few more notches in the next two hours. north of the border, it's 42 currently in york, pennsylvania. sun up 30 minutes from now at 6:01. 71 by noon. partly cloudy to mostly sunny afternoon. there'll be a breeze out of the northeast. holds us to 76 for the two-degree guaranty. 5:51. let's go -- 5:31 let's go to the
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roads with kim. >> as we take a peek around the cameras, fairly quiet around the beltway this morning here on the west side at frederick road. traffic building on the outer loop lanes. more traffic is still doing uh, not too bad here on the outer loop as well. still on the west side, liberty road. still managing to move at speed. i'll have an update on the road closure at argon and harford road when we come back. it's 5:32. history doesn't repeat, right? economy was growing again, profits were soaring and yesterday happened. t.j. winnick reports from washington. >> reporter: asian stock markets fell across the continent this morning following massive losses on wall street thursday. the dow jones plunged nearly
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1,000 points at one point. >> that was probably the most disturbing uh, trading activity anybody will ever see in their lifetime. >> by 2:00 p.m., the dow was down 300 points. the drop had market watchers shaking their heads in disbelief. 2:44 the plunge was 516 points. by 2:48 p.m., down 995 points. bottoming out down 998 points. >> nasdaq is indeed investigating potentially erroneous trade. >> reporter: late in the day, human error was being blamed for a free fall. a trader looking to sell $16 million in shares accidentally punched in $16 billion. >> i think this was the only
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time we'll ever breathe a sigh of relief for a market only down 300 and change. >> reporter: the expected news that the economy added jobs for a second straight loss. >> it is certainly a sign pointing to the american economy's recovery. that said, there's no guaranty things will improve. >> reporter: because of the likely human error, the nasdaq announced it would cancel some trades during the selloff. 5:34, baltimore city police officers in the hospital with serious injuries. 20-year-old james kim balance -- kimball strike an officer in the face. kimball is white, the officer is black. kimball was using the n word and threatening to hang the officer.
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a relative who didn't want to be identified says the suspect felt threatened and didn't know the other man was a police officer. >> this is in no way a hate crime, it's two guys that got in an argument and it got out of hand. >> james kimball is being charged with assault, reckless endangerment and assault because of the race of color. otherwise known as a hate crime. he's being held right now on $1 million bond. six months after a convenience store owner was shot in the face, he's back open for business. sudiare shaw was robbed last november. one of his regular customers was shot to death and he was shot in the face. shaw is still recovering, but says he's well enough to reopen his business and start a new life. he's getting a lot of support from his regular customers.
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>> community members have put together a formal reopening this weekend. they're urging you to donate to shaw to help him re-establish his business. baltimore area brides take a stand against breast cancer. they have a chance to choose from hundreds of gowns while raising money for the making memories breast cancer foundation. grants wishes to women and men battling stage 4 breast cancer. the event is part of the breast cancer tour. if you're interested, check it out today and tomorrow at the hunt valley marriott. another big event going on this weekend. >> back in mount vernon, what the festival has to offer this year. 5:36. we're taking a look at 57
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degrees under a clear sky. calm wind. wind pushing from the north will build this morning and the afternoon. temperatures down just a little bit from where they've been all week long. cool down will continue from mother's day. let's go to the mta with kirk cromke. . diversion at south fulton and frederick. due to the flower mart this weekend, 11 and 61 buses will divert at charles and center. marc train looking good at this hour. for the mta transit team, i'm kirk cromke. hey thunder, lightning...what's the problem? oh, just watch.
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today's flower mart kicks off in mount vernon. this year's theme sunflower splendor shines on charles street. it's free to get into the festival. there's arts, crafts, children activities, live music, food, including those lemon sticks. the festival kicks off today runs from 11:00 to 8:00. if you can't make it today,
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tomorrow 11:00 to 8:00 again. all takes place in mount vernon square and stay with us, i'm going to be live there this morning at 9:00. >> you're going to bring me back a lemon stick? >> no. all right i will. >> no lemon stick for you either. >> i'll bring justin a lemon stick. the weather's been so nice. >> sun coming up, the bright sky over the east. dark view in westminster right now. 55, winds gusting out of the east, northeast at 11:00. more on the forecast and mother's day coming up. >> we do have a couple incidents working, but as we check our drive times this morning, looking at 795, looking good from route 140 towards the beltway. only going to take you nine minutes to make that length of that trip. 83 southbound as you approach warren road. off to the shoulder at this time. argon drive at harford road, baltimore city has deemed the bridge there unsafe.
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you might want to try using walter to moravia. she was weeks away from getting her college diploma, instead they will gather to say a final good-bye. i'm linda sow, a viewing later today for yeardley love. a huge plunge on wall street. i'll tell you why economists think the dow took a nose dive. hereraisin bran crunch is made. yeah, this trip is way overdue. i just can't wait to see all those crunchy flakes in action. you know what will really get us in the spirit? ♪ 99 boxes of raisin bran crunch ♪ ♪ if you're nice to me i'll share some with you ♪ ♪ you take one down ( and pass it ar ♪8 o raisin bran cr♪ ♪ raisin bran crunch! from kellogg!
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5:45 right now. in two weeks, seniors at the university of virginia will get their diplomas and start a new adventure, one graduate won't be there. when the name yeardley love is read, it's going to hurt. today her friends and family start the painful process of saying good-bye. >> reporter: we've learned love's teammates will be at the viewing later today. so will many others who were touched by yeardley love. a public viewing will be held here in towson.
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love's classmates have been asked to wear orange and blue. police was not to a charlottesville bar where it's believed love and her ex-boyfriend argued before she was murdered. >> he was clearly, forcefully like acting against her. >> there'll be two viewings today. the first from 2:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. and later from 7:00 to 9:00. two memorial funds will be set up in love's honor. one at uva another at notre dame pres where love went to high school. >> you can read more about the investigation on our slide show
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on police question a passenger after a flight landed at bwi international airport. the plane was headed from newark, new jersey to baltimore. a spokesmen says it happened yesterday evening aboard flight 2699, operating by express jet airlines. check your refrigerator. ohio-based fresh way foods is recalling romaine lettuce because of a possible link to 29 e. coli cases. reports say that three people have potentially life threatening symptoms. 5:47 right now. 2:30 yesterday afternoon, we thought this was the big one. suddenly the stock market started to go down, down fast, better word, a crash. like a lot of the others we remember in stock market history. sherrie johnson with a panic of our pocketbook. >> many are wondering what
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causes this nose dive? the greek financial crisis could spread across europe and into the u.s. market. there are reports that a technical glitch may have given the dow an additional shove. a 300-point loss as days end showed the biggest plunge on wall street. down 998 points, a plunge of 587 points in six minutes. a technical glitch may have caused this free fall. a trader looking to sell $16 million in shares accidentally punched $16 billion. >> that was probably the most disturbing uh, trading activity that anybody was ever going to see in their lifetime. >> many economists are expecting positive jobs reports today. some wonder if the historic plunge might overshadow it. in the studio, sherrie johnson abc2 news. new this morning: maryland is getting help to pay for expenses from our huge snow
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storm we saw in february. president barack obama has issued major disaster declarations. federal money will be released to help our state recoup. no word on how much yet. funny you brought up snow, it's snowing this morning in the dakotas. that's a sign of cold air, not snow that will get here over the weekend. winds east, northeast up to 11 miles per hour. we'll take you down to annapolis where st. mary's elementary back on screen. it's been a while since we've seen their camera in the morning. nice silhouette of the steeple. winds gusting out of the east, northeast at 14 miles per hour. that direction, east, northeast is in a cool direction for us. new york and philly, 57 in baltimore. start still above normal, but
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cooler than what we've had over much of this week. 40s up to our north and west over pennsylvania. we have ourselves moderate to good air quality across most of the mid-atlantic. clear skies. light northeasterly wind. we'll watching our next weather system that will catch up with clouds late in the day overnight. instead of the 50s, we'll be in the 60s tomorrow morning. rainfall at daybreak. there's that chance of rain in the morning, through about lunch time for us. this boundary here, that's the cold front, sweeps through, reaches the eastern shore and gets reenergized crossing the del marva and the beaches. we should be clearing out with gusty winds in baltimore. it'll be windy. we should be having gusts close to 30 miles per hour as a much cooler air mass spills in. there's going to be snow on mother's day morning in wilksbury. binghamton, searyracuse.
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up there, yes, for us, just a sign that it'll be colder than what we've had in quite some time. 76 our two-degree guarantee. mostly sunny, not as warm as it had been. back to 63 with showers towards daybreak. morning showers and maybe a thunderstorm towards lunch time. early afternoon on the eastern shore, we'll reach 75. winds really pick up. in fact, winds will crank down into the lower 40s. on saturday night and sunday morning. mother's day itself, 63. the mix mixture of clouds and sun. because of the big opening of the flower market, you can expect to see closures downtown. plan your trip accordingly. this will latch pretty much through the weekend. as we take a peak at our drive times this evening, all looking good, southbound on the harbor tunnel thruway. six minutes from the 95 split
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down to 295. looking good from the beltway down to route 32, 15 minutes. outer loop i-70 to 95, pretty good stretch there. traffic moving at speed, old court road. no real delays or any accidents this morning to let you know about. stay with us, we have more news, weather and traffic updates at good morning maryland. returns after this. resilience. elastici.
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a look now at some of the top stories we're working on for you this morning at 5:55. there's new video which authorities say shows the suspect in the times square attempted bombing. these pictures are coming in from northeast pennsylvania, a fireworks store, phantom fireworks. the owners say the guy came in and bought about $100 worth of fireworks about two months ago, including m80s. pro-football hall of famer lawrence taylor is out on bond after being charged with third degree rape. he's accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl for $300. his attorney denies the allegations. crews started lowering that 100 ton box into the gulf. it could take days to get it
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into position. experts say it should capture most of the oil gushing from a blown out well. the process has never been tried at that depth. the statement several students made on cinco de mayo. furry boots, pink sweaters, long black hair, the description of someone police want to talk to in a carjacking case. 5:56. we're expecting temperatures stuck in the 70s today. stuck, we're still above normal, but into the 80s for a while. rain showers come in tomorrow morning. mother's day outlook, low 60s and windy. sorry, mom. at least we'll be dry and won't have the snow just to our north.
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more on that coming up in the next hour. >> we have a road closure this morning in baltimore city at argon drive at harford road. they have deemed the bridge unsafe. i'll let you know how to get around that. we have more weather and news when good morning maryland continues at 6:00.
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it's a minute before 6:00, you're looking live this morning where hundreds will be showing up to pay respects to yeardley love. it's going to be a very tough emotional day. >> was it grease or a glitch that caused the dow to drop? it's flower mart time on this friday in baltimore. hello. >> good morning, maryland i'm jamie costello. >> hello. i'm megan pringle. we're going to


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